Our yoga sessions have been so powerful to me. I’ve cried each time. I’m mostly happy, but yesterday was extremely sad and revealing. Because of your teaching and how you know that we all have what we need inside ourselves, I’ve cried a lot. It just needs help to surface sometimes.


She brings courage to live as a seeker, candidly in front of others. This is the one thing I love about this yoga session. Knowledgeable, heartfelt, and dedicated to her work, she puts a lot of passion on what she is doing.


She’s the best teacher I’ve ever had. I started yoga and got hooked after the first class. She instills a love of yoga in her students with her skill, passion and compassion. She definitely is an excellent teacher.


I have been a yoga teacher for 8 years and I’ve always given my heart in my teaching. But after I took the workshop on Grace and Grit Yoga, I feel that it not enough to just teach them but also to share all your knowledge about yoga to your students. Thank you Grace and Grit Yoga.


Grace and Grit Yoga has an uncanny ability to guide you along this pathway. Through the daily practice that I’ve taken with them, without even knowing it, I have strengthened my power of concentration. My perceptions have changed, my fear, and my low self-esteem are faded. She helped me to seal my desire to follow this pathway, wherever it may lead.


She elevated my practice from being an obedient and sometimes baffled, to an intuitive practitioner who now has that necessary conversation with my body. She unifies her students through interactive form of communication.


A great teacher, she has a humorous and wistful spirit. After taking a workshop with you, I feel really good and I know others feel the same way. I can’t thank you enough for the energy you shared.