Some reasons why we should be aware about yoga.

Many of us are into yoga right now, for the belief that it is beneficial to our health, but what we don’t know are the risks and history of this practice.

The yoga is a new trend of workout all over the world even if it is not entirely new as it has been practiced in India for hundreds of years. You can most fitness centers are offering yoga classes nowadays, a workout that performs flexibility and strength-building poses. But yoga is not all about exercise, it is also about spiritual healing.

The history of yoga

It is originated in India. The beginning of the tradition was uncertain until an Indian scholar named Patanjal wrote about the Yoga Sutras, the 196 aphorisms that ultimately defined yoga as the stilling of the state of mind. Now, the yoga sutras are considered as the fundamental text of yoga. The Yoga Sutras characterized eight limbs of yoga but only one is practiced in fitness gyms and yoga studios around the world. It’s called Asana or the practice of yoga posture. As a matter of fact, the word yoga translates loosely to hitch up, a phrase that emphasizes the practice’s focus on mind-body unity.

Risks and benefits of yoga

Studies show that yoga benefits both of our physical and mental faculties. According to research, yoga practice is about as effective as medication for a patient with chronic condition fibromyalgia. Doing yoga may ease backpain and stresses, It can also help improve symptoms of depression and a lot more.

Like other exercises, yoga have risks too. People with osteoporosis should avoid deep forward bends and anyone with neck problems should steer clear with the headstands —Loren Fisherman

Now that you know the history of yoga, the benefits and risk of it, you should talk to your doctor first about the particular issues until they recommend doing yoga before you start practicing.