About Us


I am a yoga teacher and writer who gives all my heart and embrace where I am rather than focusing on how to evolve my career.

You will find in this site my writings and teachings about yoga that all comes from my personal experiences. Here you will find true stories about my journey in becoming fully immersed in yoga as well as tried and tested tips for transformation and yoga teaching.

From my past, I’ve done everything. I worked from modeling in art classes to corporate facilitation. The common theme for these jobs is my desire to create candid, embodied and life-changing connections to people. The only constant thing I’m doing since I was 19 is teaching yoga. Through this teaching of yoga, I’ve learned more about myself. For that I am truly grateful.

For as much as I love teaching, I equally enjoyed being a student because I am honored to have been mentored by one of the yoga masters in my former hometown. Also, I am proud to say that I approach learning yoga as I approach teaching, so my undergraduate degree in Psychosocial Health and Human Movement and my graduate degree in Integral Transformative Education inform my work on a daily basis.
(Note: The said courses are being designed by myself.) I try to give all of myself to my teaching. I laugh a lot, and cry when I feel moved. In yoga, I also share my geeky fascination with anatomy and the human body, as well as my belief in the importance of having a solid connection to my inner guidance. Being an ambassador of one of the organizations in my hometown, I am very proud and honored that I use the power of yoga to inspire conscious, sustainable activism and to ignite grassroots social change.

Thank you for giving your precious time to read this website. I hope you learned a lot from me, I’m looking forward on your next visit and to know you better.